1. Overview

As part of the Listabl Services, Listabl will provide Marketing Services to promote the Customer’s listings through all supported Instances. Listabl will provide Best Practise advice and management of any Channel functionality aimed at driving visibility and Sales on each Channel.

  1. Service Summary

The Listabl Marketing Manager (MM) will provide details of the functionality available and will make recommendations to the Seller with regards strategy, suitability and priorities.

For Sellers utilising Listabl’s Customer Success Services, Marketing recommendations will be included as part of the Account Plan and Business Reviews. Otherwise, recommendations will be provided in a separate Marketing Plan.

Since the Marketing Services are dependent on having ready listings, any suggested timings will be subject to change.

  1. PPC Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services, including management of channels such as (but not limited to) Google Adwords, Amazon Sponsored Products and Microsoft Advertising are provided as part of our Premium Marketing Service.

The Services shall include:

  1. Advice and Guidance: Listabl will advise the Customer on best practice, tools available and the practises used to achieve the desired goals.
  2. Set Up and Configuration: Where necessary, the MM will set up new campaigns and refine over time to achieve optimum performance metrics in line with Customer Objectives.
  3. Bid Management. Listabl will adjust bids (i.e., the cost-per-click or “CPC” bid in the applicable Channel to assist in furthering the Customer Objectives.
  4. Budget Setting and Management. Listabl will work with the Customer to define an amount of Ad Spend that the Customer is willing to invest over a certain time period and implement as agreed.
  5. Campaign Development. Listabl will architect a campaign structure to align with the Customer Objectives, including but not limited to budget, profit margin, pricing, and inventory data.
  6. Keyword Management. Listabl will utilise a variety of methods to create effective keywords that target qualified consumers. These will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Unless otherwise specified in the MSA, the PPC services shall be provided for one (1) Instance.

Unless otherwise specified in the MSA, the PPC services shall include the set up and management of up to 100,000 SKUs.

  1. Customer Objectives

The Marketing Manager will agree the operating parameters with the Seller. These will include (but are not limited to the ACoS (Averages Cost of Sale) and Ad Spend. The MM will also discuss a list of products to be prioritised.

It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure that any data provided is accurate and Listabl cannot be held responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.

While Listabl will take all reasonable efforts to stay within the Customer Parameters, due to the nature of online advertising, this cannot be guaranteed and Listabl

  1. Communications

The MM will primarily communicate directly with the Seller’s designated contact. In addition, the MM will participate in any Team Calls, Account Planning and Business Reviews.

  1. Services Requirements.

Listabl’s performance of the Services is subject to Customer’s ongoing fulfilment of the following requirements to Listabl’s reasonable satisfaction:

    1. Customer must have a basic understanding of each channel. Customer is responsible for opening and maintaining in good standing all necessary accounts and agreeing to, and complying with, all applicable channel requirements.
    2. Customer must dedicate the effort and personnel necessary to utilise the Services and perform its respective obligations in a timely manner.
    3. Customer may also be subject to additional terms and conditions should Customer choose to use content, software, or APIs provided by third parties.
  1. Compliance

While Listabl attempts to update Customers of developments and changes to third parties with whom the Listabl Platform integrates, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure they are compliant with those third party providers’ rules.

Listabl collaborates with third parties to offer services and functionality using third party developer tools. These third party terms and conditions contain restrictions on access, storage and use of information.  Listabl has no control over the content of third party sites or resources which the Customer’s Services are linked to and accepts no liability or responsibility for them, the Customer’s use or inability to use the Services, the web sites they link to or their contents, their accuracy or reliability or for any loss or damage (direct, indirect, special, consequential or otherwise) whatsoever that may arise from the Customer’s use of any of them or the results obtained. The Customer’s use of such Services is on an “as is” basis and without any warranty of any kind.




ACoS The Average Cost of Sale is calculated by dividing the total costs (Clicks x Cost Per Click) by the total Revenue generated. This number is expressed as a percentage.
Ad Spend The amount spent on advertising in a given period. Targets are typically set by the Customer.
Checkout promotions management Buy One Get One! Spend X to save Y! Checkout promotions can be an effective way to grow basket size so we work with you to discuss the functionality available and to help you determine how best to use these features. We will then implement the promotions based on your instruction up to four (4) updates per instance per month.
eBay Newsletter subscriber list management For sellers wishing to use eBay to grow their email subscriptions, we can use a combination an offer included in the listing template e.g. “Sign up for our newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase”; and a checkout promotion to redeem the offer.
eBay Promoted listings management While many sellers simply apply a static rate to their products when using eBay’s promoted listings, we have developed our own proprietary best practices to further maximise return and boost sales.

We work to your desired ACoS and TACoS targets to build and manage campaigns that typically outperform the more basic campaigns by 46%.

Marketing Manager (MM) The MM is responsible for all marketing and promotional activities. This may include PPC campaigns, Promoted Listings management, Checkout Promotions, Newsletter Subscriber list management and Multibuys.

Specific activities are agreed as part of the initial Account Plan and through subsequent Business Reviews and Monthly calls with the seller based on stated objectives, allocated budgets and targets.

Marketing Plan Initially produced at then start, the Marketing Plan can be a stand-alone document or form part of the Account Plan depending on the Listabl Services being provided.
Multibuy campaign management While similar functionality is available on other channels, Multibuy is mostly used to refer to specific functionality provided by eBay. Selected products are shown to buyers with discounts available when more than a quantity of one item is purchased.

We provide guidance on the available functionality, best practices and work with sellers to select products before implementing to the channel.

PPC management Campaigns are typically structured based on ACoS or TACoS targets to maximise the return and enhance the listings.

Information obtained is typically fed back into the listings to create a virtuous circle growing visibility, efficiency and sales.

Campaigns are adjusted daily with Marketing reports supplied weekly. Furthermore, performance is discussed ad hoc or on Monthly calls.

PPC Optimisation Optimisation describes those activities to maximise the return of a PPC campaign and typically includes: keyword research and harvesting; adjusting keyword match types; the addition of negative keywords; bid management; listing optimisation and portfolio bidding.
Promoted Listings management Utilising proprietary best practices, campaigns are structured to produce the maximum return from the spending limits set by the seller.

Subject to agreement by the seller, emphasis is typically placed on new listings to provide an early push and aid natural search visibility with further budget allocated to other key lines as agreed.

Promotions Management Specific activities are agreed as part of the initial Account Plan and through subsequent Business Reviews and Monthly calls with the seller based on stated objectives, allocated budgets and targets.
TACoS The Total Advertising Cost of Sale is calculated by dividing all Channel costs (Commissions & Advertising costs)  by the total Revenue generated. This number is expressed as a percentage.
Weekly Digital Marketing report The Digital Marketing report contains high level metrics to monitor the performance of active PPC campaigns and provide key data to both the MM and seller.

Reports are provided to sellers at the start of each week. Additional metrics may be incorporated at the seller’s but may be limited by the available data and are subject to Listabl’s discretion.