Schedule 2 – Customer Success



  1. Overview

As part of the Listabl Services, Listabl will provide Strategic guidance and analysis (Customer Success) services to the Customer.

  1. Service Summary

The Listabl Customer Success Manager (CSM) will provide consultancy services aimed at growing the Customer’s revenue and improving the Customer’s efficiency.

The Customer Success Manager will conduct an initial Discovery Call from which they will create an Account Plan detailing any recommendations, priorities and actions covering the initial 6 month period aimed at driving growth and efficiency in the customer’s business.

The Account plan is reviewed every 6 months and updated through a Business Review.

It is the customer’s responsibility to action these recommendations.

  1. Targets

Listabl will mutually agree growth targets and actions with the Customer for the duration of the term and will use these to measure progress.

  1. Communications

The CSM will host regular Calls. In the early weeks of a campaign, when the focus is on actions to set up the various systems and processes, calls tend to be weekly and focus on operational matters to ensure everyone is aligned and updated on progress. At the CSM’s discretion, once listings are in place and campaigns are up and running, these calls will move to a monthly cycle with a focus on performance. This typically includes a review of the previous month’s numbers and priorities for the following month.

  1. Services Requirements.

Listabl’s performance of the Services is subject to Customer’s ongoing fulfilment of the following requirements to Listabl’s reasonable satisfaction:

  1. Customer must have a basic understanding of each channel. Customer is responsible for opening and maintaining in good standing all necessary accounts and agreeing to, and complying with, all applicable channel requirements.
  2. Customer must dedicate the effort and personnel necessary to utilise the Services and perform its respective obligations in a timely manner.
  3. Customer may also be subject to additional terms and conditions should Customer choose to use content, software, or APIs provided by third parties.
  4. Compliance

While Listabl attempts to update Customers of developments and changes to third parties with whom the Listabl Platform integrates, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure they are compliant with those third party providers’ rules.

Listabl collaborates with third parties to offer services and functionality using third party developer tools. These third party terms and conditions contain restrictions on access, storage and use of information.  Listabl has no control over the content of third party sites or resources which the Customer’s Services are linked to and accepts no liability or responsibility for them, the Customer’s use or inability to use the Services, the web sites they link to or their contents, their accuracy or reliability or for any loss or damage (direct, indirect, special, consequential or otherwise) whatsoever that may arise from the Customer’s use of any of them or the results obtained. The Customer’s use of such Services is on an “as is” basis and without any warranty of any kind.


Term Definition
Account Plan Utilising our proprietary set of analysis tools we assess a range of factors including (but not limited to) new channel options, profitability, operational capabilities and marketplace features to identify opportunities from which we agree a detailed plan for the first 6 months of a campaign and beyond.


The plan takes the form of an Account Plan document and accompanying Project Timeline.

Some information may be required from the seller to complete the analysis prior to a hosted session where our results are presented and recommendations explained. Following seller input, the plan is refined and shared online so all parties are able to track progress in real-time.

Amazon appeals We advise and assist on the appeal process helping to draft submissions to drive as swift a resolution as possible. Appeals are subject to input from the seller and, since Amazon is the final decision maker, results cannot be guaranteed.
Business Review Approximately 6 months after the initial Account Plan, Business Reviews are conducted to assess historical activity, performance to date and to look forward to the next 6 month period to reset our priorities and goals for the next period.

Up to two (2) Business Reviews per annual period are delivered virtually by the Customer Success Manager following some initial data gathering and prior to the finalisation of the next 6 months’ activities

Competitor analysis Based on a list of competitors supplied by the seller, we analyse their, listings, categories and performance to inform our own campaigns.

The precise details investigate are dependent on channels covered, information available and the context of the competition.

Customer Success Manager (CSM) The CSM is there to help you make sense of all the noise, providing analysis and guidance to ensure you are aware of the opportunities available to you.  From an initial Account Plan to ongoing Business Reviews, we have the experience and tools to help you make the right decisions.

Some areas where the CSM will help:
Identify New Channel opportunities
Profitability Analysis
Operational assessment
Marketplace Features
Performance reporting and analysis

Launch phase The Launch Phase involves the integration and setup of systems, the preparation and optimisation of initial listings and the definition of associated processes. This phase typically takes around 2 months depending on complexities and systems involved.

During this phase, our focus is on project management to ensure all involved parties are aligned and we continue to progress. To this end we provide online project management, host weekly team calls and provide regular updates on progress.

Monthly performance reports Utilising our own best practices and years of evolution, we have a monthly report we think is the perfect tool for understanding what is happening and deciding how best to react.

Data is pulled from a variety of sources and presented interactively so you can understand exactly what is going on and focus your attention accordingly. Reports are limited by the data made available by each marketplace and may be subject to delay but we aim to present all data within 2 weeks of month end.

Monthly Review Hosted virtually, these calls are used to assess performance during the previous month using the Monthly Performance report as the main data source. Progress against plan is assessed along with any other analysis related to current issues. Priorities for the next month and any adjustments to the plan agreed.
Operational assessment Utilising our tools developed over many years of consulting and managing marketplace campaigns, we assess your operational capabilities as far as they might impact your performance. Assessments are conducted periodically and results compared with industry best practice and previous performance to highlight issues and target areas requiring improvement.
Profitability analysis by channel Subject to the completion of a short questionnaire by the seller, we provide financial modelling to compare channels and logistics solutions alongside alternative commercial policies to work out how each impacts the ultimate profitability and aid with decision making.
Project Timeline Supplied as an output from the Account Plan and recalibrated every six months as part of the Business Review process, the Project Timeline is shared online to ensure all parties have a shared view of priorities and visibility of progress.
Team calls Team calls typically take place weekly during the Launch phase to ensure that all parties are aligned and progress is being made. Call structure can be tailored as required but typically last 30 minutes and will mainly cover the prioritisation and status updates of tasks to ensure launches are completed in a timely manner.

Calls are hosted by the Customer Success Manager with a loose agenda provided beforehand and call minutes circulated afterwards.

At the Account Team’s discretion, weekly calls may be phased out during the Live phase to be replaced with an hour long Monthly Strategy call where the emphasis changes to focus more on performance analysis and actions and away from operational issues.