1. Overview

As part of the Listabl Services, Listabl will provide Channel Management Services to ensure listings are created and optimised, provide guidance and assistance with system design and integration and to ensure compliance with the rules and requirements of each destination channel.

  1. Service Summary

The Listabl Channel Manager (CM) will provide advice and hands on assistance with the set up and ongoing management of the systems and processes.

Where relevant, the CM will follow the actions specified in the Account Plan (when there is one), otherwise will discuss priorities directly with the client and make recommendations accordingly.

The CM can advise on the selection of third party tools and the optimal configuration of systems at the Sellers request to ensure that the Seller is set up to efficiently fulfil any orders generated and inform third party channels of order statuses and tracking numbers. The CM will operate any third party listing tools and oversee the production and optimisation of product data and apply it to any third party listing tools or directly to the channel(s) as requested by the Seller.

The CM is also responsible for applying any price changes to support onsite promotions agreed by the Seller and the channel.

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the IT resource necessary for the integration of their systems, the Listabl Platform and any other third party tools to be used. Pricing information and stock information are the responsibility of the Customer and any change requests should be supplied in writing.

  1. Launch Services

The Customer authorizes Listabl to assist in the setup of any Third Party Instances as needed, and accept the applicable terms on the Customer’s behalf. The CM will assist with the posting of Product Information to the Channel and will make reasonable strategy updates on a regular basis. Channel launch timelines may vary depending on Customer priorities and readiness.

  1. Communications

The CM will primarily communicate directly with the Seller’s designated Point of Contact via email. During the Launch Phase, unless the Seller is receiving Customer Success Services (see Schedule 2, un which case), the CM will host Weekly Calls to update on progress, coordinate activities and agree priorities with the Seller.

  1. Services Requirements.

Listabl’s performance of the Services is subject to Customer’s ongoing fulfilment of the following requirements to Listabl’s reasonable satisfaction:

  1. Customer must have a basic understanding of each channel. Customer is responsible for opening and maintaining in good standing all necessary accounts and agreeing to, and complying with, all applicable channel requirements.
  2. Customer must dedicate the effort and personnel necessary to utilise the Services and perform its respective obligations in a timely manner.
  3. Customer may also be subject to additional terms and conditions should Customer choose to use content, software, or APIs provided by third parties.
  4. Compliance

While Listabl attempts to update Customers of developments and changes to third parties with whom the Listabl Platform integrates, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure they are compliant with those third party providers’ rules.

Listabl collaborates with third parties to offer services and functionality using third party developer tools. These third party terms and conditions contain restrictions on access, storage and use of information.  Listabl has no control over the content of third party sites or resources which the Customer’s Services are linked to and accepts no liability or responsibility for them, the Customer’s use or inability to use the Services, the web sites they link to or their contents, their accuracy or reliability or for any loss or damage (direct, indirect, special, consequential or otherwise) whatsoever that may arise from the Customer’s use of any of them or the results obtained. The Customer’s use of such Services is on an “as is” basis and without any warranty of any kind.




Amazon appeals We advise and assist on the appeal process helping to draft submissions to drive as swift a resolution as possible. Appeals are subject to input from the seller and, since Amazon is the final decision maker, results cannot be guaranteed.
Channel Manager (CM) The CM is the chief technical lead responsible for (but not limited to):

Listing optimisation
Platform configuration
Business Policies
Price changes
Error correction

CMs guide the seller to ensure all aspects of a launch have been covered and manage the Data team to optimise listings and grow sales.

Category mapping Using data supplied to identify the product type, products are placed into the appropriate category(ies) on each marketplace to ensure maximum visibility and the assignment of the correct attributes.
Daily account monitoring (in the working week) Our team logs into accounts daily to check for issues and to check for major issues. This is in addition to our Weekly Health Checks, Secret Shoppers and regular listing and error correction routines.
Data enrichment At the Campaign Manager’s sole discretion, we might offer additional services in addition to the Standard Listing Optimisation services we offer as standard to enhance the quality of data provided. Activity includes (but not limited to):

Site scrape
Extracting product information from supplied imagery
Inclusion of data from third party files
Location and addition of products codes such as UPCs and ASINs

Dead listing recycling (Ebay) Items that haven’t sold a single unit for more than 30 days will drop in onsite search rankings. With the agreement of the seller, we will delist and relist such listings to give them a fresh lease of life, boost visibility in search and boost sales.
Error correction Errors are often the result of missing, incorrect or inconsistent product data so, no less frequently than weekly, we check for listing errors and work with sellers to resolve them to ensure that all products are listed consistently across all target marketplaces.
Health Maintenance Routines A selection of routines run regular to ensure issues with accounts are spotted quickly.

Routines include a Weekly health check, New SKU routines, Dead listings recycling and Assistance with appeals as standard. Secret shopper routines may be included at the Account team’s discretion.

Image review Each marketplace has its own specifications for image sizes and resolutions. They will typically also specify a set of rules by which sellers must adhere.

We will assists in providing these requirements and assess the suitability of your images to ensure compliance with the marketplace requirements and features such as onsight Zoom.

Integration Online marketplaces typically require 3 sets of communications with sellers that are best served through a systems integration:

Product information (Seller to Marketplace)
Order Information (Marketplace to Seller)
Shipping Information (Seller to Marketplace)

Middleware and marketplaces both tend to provide open APIs through which sellers can integrate whereas seller systems tend to be closed systems so the onus is on the seller to build the connections. We can assist with API documentation and best practices to ensure you configure your systems in the best ways possible.

Keyword reinforcement Products are assessed for their search terms and additional tools and reserach conducted to reinforce the supplied terms with additional high volume terms to esnure we grab as much traffic as is sensible. Information is inserted into the titles, descritpions and bullet points following proprietary best practices as well as search term fields when available. for sellers to include those terms which they would like their products to be shown.

This is an ongoing process as keywords tend to be obtained from a variety of sources including (but not limited to): insight from the seller, our own research, related campaigns etc.

Launch phase The Launch Phase involves the integration and setup of systems, the preparation and optimisation of initial listings and the definition of associated processes. This phase typically takes around 2 months depending on complexities and systems involved.

During this phase, our focus is on project management to ensure all involved parties are aligned and we continue to progress. To this end we provide online project management, host weekly team calls and provide regular updates on progress.

Listing Optimisation Utilising proprietary best practices to adjust supplied product data to drive results and maximize product visibility.

Activities include (but not limited to):
Category mapping
Attribute mapping
Keyword reinforcement
Title Enhancement

Markdown manager implementation Whether it’s to support an eBay promoted event or simply to try and boost your own sales, dropping your prices and showing those reductions to buyers can be complicated and prone to human error.

Not only will we advise on the options available and have worked with eBay for years to manage seller promotions, but we can also implement these changes for you so you can focus on the next one.

New listing creation The process of creating new marketplace listings is different for each Marketplace. In outline, it involves obtaining existing product data and reformatting it to match the requirements of the specific channel (see Data Optimisation).

For new sellers, the process involves obtaining the generation of the data, the creation and documentation of processes, the enrichment of the data and the lsting itself.

Once the initial products have been listed, new products tend to follow the same routines (See New SKU routine)

New marketplace launch Overseen by the Campaign Manager, new channel launches require close cooperation between the Seller and Rich Insight.

We will provide guidance and assistance as well as create the listings, configure any marketplace or middleware settings to ensure that new channel launches go as smoothly as possible.

While we can advise on all aspects of a campaign, aspects such as the Account creation, providing supporting documentation, internal systems/process updates and similar tasks necessarily fall to the seller.

New SKU routine The New SKU routine is the process by which new product information is provided to the Rich Insight team and ultimately turned into listings.

This process is unique to each seller and is managed and documented by the Campaign Manager.

Ongoing Listing Management Marketplace campaigns don’t stand still. Even after a launch there are plenty of activities needed to keep your listings in tip-top condition: new items need to be added; prices and stock adjusted; shipping policies updated; and improvements made to listing content as new data become available to drive performance. Similarly, the marketplaces themselves are constantly making changes that need to be reflected in your listings.

Led by the Campaign Manager and supported by a dedicated team of Data Managers and analysts, we ensure your campaigns are kept up to date.

Platform Configuration In the case of a Marketplace, the Platform will be the seller managemtn interface (e.g. Amazon Seller Central). In such cases, we will manage the configuration of settings following discussion with the seller to ensure any functionality is aligned to the seller’s policies.

In the case of listing tools, we ensure that the platfrom is configured to comply with the wishes of the seller and in the most efficient way.

Product attribute optimisation Using our own proprietary tools and processes, we are able to alter supplied data at scale to ensure the attribute names and values provided to the marketplace are structured in the best way possible.

While many marketplaces will accept any value, properly structured data has a significant effect to boost sales.

Product Data Standardisation The routines in which data is supplied by the client for marketplace optimisation by the Rich Insight team
Promotion Support Listing amendment to support marketplace agreed promotions such as eBay Daily Deals.
Sale event Mainly used in conjunction with the Markdown Manager, a Sale Event is functionality provided by eBay to highlight products as being on sale.
Secret Shopper Campaigns are scrutinised and scored on key areas, independently of the team that manages the campaign to ensure consistent standards across all accounts.

Secret Shopper reports are typically used internally but may be shared as part of a wider Business Review.

Title Enhancement Titles are one of the first aspects of a listing that prospective buyers see. It is key to both conversion and visibility as it not only describes the product but is also used to as one of the key sets of search terms by marketplace search engines.

Using proprietary best practise, our team of Data specialists will restructure product titles as necessary to ensure your products get found when we want them to.

Weekly Digital Marketing report The Digital Marketing report contains high level metrics to monitor the performance of active PPC campaigns and provide key data to both the DMM and seller.

Reports are provided to sellers at the start of each week. Additional metrics may be incorporated at the seller’s but may be limited by the available data and are subject to Rich Insight’s discretion.

Weekly Health check Each week we check the key health metrics of each account are checked and logged. Information is recorded in a report that is shared with the seller via email.

Precise metrics checked may vary and are dependent on information available. It is the seller’s responsibility to remedy issues arising from areas for which they are responsible such as order fulfilment or customer service.